My passion for making Shrink Plastic jewelry and my full-time job keep me very busy!

It started years ago. Well, if you count using Shrinky Dinks used as a child, you could say I've been doing this for nearly a lifetime! But seriously, I've been working with shinkable plastic paper for quite some time. Initially, I made items for myself and my daughter, but as my skill and desire to make a more elevated level of jewelry emerged, I began making items for friends, co-workers, and extended members of the family. I had toyed with the idea of going onto Etsy years ago, but felt it would require too much of my time and put it off. However, my desire to offer my jewelry to the public and more available time made going live on Etsy a reality. Here I am!

My shrink plastic creations begin as a blank piece of plastic paper; a blank canvas, if you will. From here, much work is done in deciding on the perfect image to use and manipulating it to meet my specific needs. The image must then be printed on both sides of the plastic paper. This in itself is a painstaking process which requires much patience and skill. However, the results are so worth it as it gives the jewelry a beautiful quality finish and makes it so that charms and earrings are beautiful from all angles. From here, the images are cut on a die cutting machine with the help of an xacto knife for intricate cuts. I then bake my shrinkable paper, hand paint the edges, spray on a sealer or add a resin coat and then assemble into finished work ready for sale. The entire process is quite lengthy, but oh so worth it!

I specialize in making jewelry that is very eclectic. I don't follow one genre; I follow my interests and wherever my creative heart takes me. I may be designing mod graphic earrings one day and the next it may be a Victorian era inspired pin. I also do my best to keep costs to the buyer very reasonable by charging wholesale prices for my finished pieces. I also offer inexpensive and fair shipping fees in the United States and abroad (I generally lose money on shipping). My slightly more expensive pieces tend to be quite intricate with difficult cuts or many pieces that are worked into one piece of jewelry; these items can require large amounts of time to manufacture and assemble. It's all worth it! I produce very beautifully finished, quality items that give the owner years of wear. It's often very hard to tell they are made of shrinkable plastic!

My studio is my crafts room which occupies a room in my upstairs. In addition I use a spare room where I have all of my shipping supplies, photo studio and an area for resin work and soldering.

I am very excited about my presence on Etsy and look forward to a long and prosperous future.

Thank you

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